MIRAI CALIBRATION LABORATORY PTE LTD is part of the WELDTECH Group of companies, created to serve the calibration requirements of many corporations and organisations. Our Laboratory is accredited under the SACSINGLAS to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards for the field of Calibration & measurement. The Laboratory is equipped with elite calibration equipment for both Primary and Working / Transfer standards.

The Calibration Accuracy of the Master Equipment that we use is traceable to the National/International Standard.

Since the establishment of the Mirai Calibration Laboratory in 2008, the company has focused strongly and consistently on becoming a name for quality and reliability in the field of Calibration.

We have received training from NMC-Singapore, Fluke Singapore, CETE Bangalore, Messer Singapore, and other leaders of Calibration. With a full range of equipment, we are able to consistently meet a quick turn-around time that satises our customer's needs.


Customer Satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We work hard to not only meet the expectations of each of our clients, but also to ensure specifications are met with the highest degree of workmanship. That's why we've worked with


Mirai Calibrations Laboratory is dedicated to delivering a precise,accurate and comfortable lead time services to our clients, with a focus on precision, accuracy and documentation. We achieve this through meticulous focus, hiring the best people available, and continually improving our capabilities and quality management systems.

Since 2012 we maintain an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification. This was created by the International Organization for Standardization, and represents our ability to work in this field.

In 2014 we awarded BizSafe Level 4 Certification, Which is governed by the Workplace Safety and Health Council in Singapore.

Marine, Shipping and Transport​,Petrochemical Plants,Refineries,Oil and Gas Industry,Manufacturing Plants,Process Industries,Constructions Industries,Precision Industries and other plants must meet high quality standards and ensure that precision test measurement instruments are pinpoint accurate, in order to meet specific international industry standards and assure the quality of output in the supply chain.Mirai Calibration engineers and technicians provide these state-of-the-art services both onsite and in our laboratory.Cost-effective and comprehensive tools, and world-class business principles drawn,manufacturing and Value Engineering.If and when equipment must be serviced offsite, it takes place in Mirai Calibration laboratory. Our technicians calibrate all types of electronic, mechanical, and other equipment, helping businesses achieve mission-critical objectives with impressive turnaround times.We know how to get the job done—quickly, thoroughly, and consistently.

Eliminate down time for your equipment, team members, and processes; reduce transport risk as well as shipping cost and time.


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